Project Evo II Avanti Chrono Evo II - Our Fastest Bike. Ever.


Fore/Aft Adjustable Seat Clamp
By allowing a large degree of adjustment at the saddle the rider is able to custom tune their fit. Positioning on the bike is vital for both comfort and power transfer.
Integrated Seat Clamp
The Chrono Evo II’s integrated seat clamp has been specifically engineered to hold the seat post rigid and to sit flush with the top tube for optimum aerodynamics.
Horizontal Top Tube
Engineering a top tube that sits parallel with the ground is essential in providing a smooth aerodynamic shape and reduced cross sectional area.
Integrated Handlebar Stem
The Chrono Evo II’s handlebar stem sits flush with the top tube. This allows for optimum wind flow around the head tube area and down the bike.
Integrated Front Brake
Housing the brake inside a streamlined fork structure hugely reduces the turbulent effects of the brake. Controlling the flow around the fork and front brake is crucial for overall performance.
Complete Internal Cable Routing
Internal brake guides offer reduced drag and enhanced visual aesthetics. The cables are routed from the levers right through to the derailleurs and brakes internally, including through the handlebars and stem.
The oversize BB shell offers additional torsional stiffness to the frame due to the large contact area between the down tube and the BB shell. Internal Press Fit Bearings also reduce assembled bottom bracket weight.


Threaded BB Cups
L&R Hand Cups 92.0g /set + Inner cover & O-ring 5.8g
Total 97.8g

Press Fit Adapter
L&R Hand Adapter 58.5g
Total 58.5g

BB Parts Total Weight Saving = 39.3g
Rear Brake Under Chain Stay
Housing the rear brake behind the BB and under the chain stay greatly reduces drag compared to having it in a conventional road bike position at the top of the seat stays.
M.O.D.S. Chain Stays
(Maximum Output Differential Stays). The M.O.D.S chain stays offers stiffness to the frame using material only where it is required. The height of the right stay is 57mm while the left is 51mm adding strength and stiffness where required without adding extra weight.
Dual Water Bottle Cage Mounts
As any endurance athlete knows, hydration is key, and the ability
to pick up water and place it into a standard bottle cage during
longer events is a feature not to be overlooked.
CFD Developed Tube Shapes
Each tube has been developed
using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) technology. Mathematical modelling is used
in conjunction with wind tunnel testing to achieve the tube shapes that offer the most aerodynamic efficiencies.
CR5 Carbon Material
This is our highest grade of carbon combined with modular monocoque construction method offering high stiffness for maximum drive efficiency.