Project Evo II Avanti Chrono Evo II - Our Fastest Bike. Ever.
Top Tips

Cameron Brown

The Chrono Evo II has
been designed with
ultimate performance
in mind. However, the bike
can only compliment the
engine – and that’s you,
the rider.
Tip 1
Try and be consistent in your training, every day, day in day out.

Don’t smash yourself in training and put yourself in the hurt box and in a position where you are not able to get out and train for 2-3 days.
Tip 4
Vary your training grounds, don’t do the same bike rides and running routes every week.

Try new areas to bike in and different trails to run on so you keep your mind fresh and motivated.

This way you will stay in the sport for a long time.
Tip 2
Make sure you have a good coach looking after your training programme.

Having a swim coach and squad to swim with is a must for any Triathlete. You will improve your stroke technique, swim faster times and be pushed harder, plus it’s a time and place to get you out of bed!
Tip 5
Make sure you have goals set throughout the year, short term and long term goals.

A short term goal might be to improve your 1500m time in the pool and a long term goal might be competing in your first Ironman or breaking 10hrs.

Write them down in your Diary or some where you can see them every day to motivate yourself.
Tip 3
Choose your training partners carefully. They can be a great asset to you on your hard days when you need someone to get you out the door.

On your easy days go out by yourself and swim, bike and run at your own pace otherwise you’ll get into a race with them.

Training partners will help you push yourself to new levels as well when you need to go hard.